These Are Just Some of the Many Unique Ways These 'Changemakers' Are Creating a Better Future For Us All

By now, we all know that creativity comes in many different forms.

We may think creative ideas are subjective to left-brain-oriented thinkers, but we're quickly beginning to see that this is no longer the case.  Some of the most impactful solutions to the world's greatest challenges and questions have begun with a simple, creative, idea that was no more than a note written on the back of a café napkin or a two-dimensional sketch on a notepad.

The problem with all of these creative ideas? They often go unnoticed. That is where we find hope in the future generation of thinkers, creators, and all-around 'changemakers'.  I invite you, my friend, to step into the future. Meet these hyper-talented thinkers who are using creative ideas to solve the world's greatest mysteries, challenges, and obstacles.

What global issue are you passionate about? Avi shares his creative, technical approach to species tracking using a unique method the world can truly get behind.

Avi; passionate about the study of invasive species' impact on global climate change through early detection.

Give a student time, opportunity, and resources and watch them grow. The future generation shows us just how driven and passionate they are about creating a brighter future for us all with visionary ideas. Avi takes this further by sharing his creative answer to climate change. His method? A website that uses a unique algorithm to identify the location and spread of invasive species on a global scale. We're sure this is only the beginning for Avi and his amazing technical solutions and ideas.

María; passionate about using spoken word and art to provide a voice for the often-overlooked.

Sometimes, you can make a great impact and lasting change without doing so much as lifting your voice and speaking your truth. We've seen this through the iconic and historically relevant, I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings by Maya Angelou or more recently, inaugural poet, Amanda Gorman's The Hill We Climb - simply put, words matter. María shares her experiences through feminism, race, and identity with her eye-opening answer to the Hello World challenge, "What do you want to share that the world needs to hear?" What is most impactful about María's creative means of answering this question is that she provides a voice to and humanizes a large demographic of feminists that often are overlooked across the globe. We can't wait to see (and hear) more from María in the future!

Pedro, María, Snigdha, and many other empowered voices you can connect with through Hello World opportunities and challenges.

Pedro; passionate about using web programming and mobile apps to inform local communities about viral spread rates.

Tech can be used in so many different ways, but what if we could provide local communities with better access to all that it has to offer? It takes a truly creative mind to bridge the gap between science, technology, and real, human advocacy. Meet Pedro! His solution to prevent and decrease deaths in local communities lacking access to vaccines for COVID-19? A really smart app. His vision for his app definitely involves a more thoughtful, human-friendly approach to web programming. This would provide immediate resources and accurate information to communities that would otherwise not receive this type of life-saving content in real-time. Imagine how many communities across the globe would benefit from such an amazing app?

Snigdha; passionate about empowering the next generation through coding education.

Oh, computers! We use them to study, chat, make new creations, or even solve problems to create a more efficient future. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to this great tool, and Snigdha wants to change that. One of the biggest barriers for teens entering the ever-evolving and exciting world of coding is access to equipment and community-backed resources. Snigdha is a super talented coder who knows all too well how important access to technology is for children, especially from a young age. With our new "normal" of learning from home and utilizing technology, Snigdha discusses a great need for coding education and tech to be more directly available to teens while at school. She also hopes to redefine what means to be "cool"- the ultimate coder. We're definitely ready to live in a world of super-coders.

The future is now, wouldn't you agree?

Whew! We have been truly blown away by these extraordinary ideas that can and will one day make a great, lasting impact on the way we communicate, support each other, and overcome the world's greatest challenges. The future is here and now, and thriving on Hello World. We invite you to join us in supporting a global movement.

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